How To Pay an Invoice from the Wise-Pay Portal

There are a few different ways to pay Outstanding Invoices when you are logged into the Wise-Pay Portal:

  • Pay a single Invoice: Enables you to make a real-time or scheduled payment either via credit card or bank debit.
  • Pay multiple InvoicesEnables you to pay multiple invoices in a batch.
  • Pay invoices via an Automatic Payment: When configured by your merchant, payments can be automatically taken by the merchants using your Automatic Payment settings. See How to Configure Auto-Pay.
Pay a single Invoice  Pay Multiple Invoices

This method allow you to pay an outstanding invoice via either credit card or bank debit. You can use a saved card or account, or add a new one during the payment process. You are also able to pay your invoice in real-time or schedule it for a future date.
If you have not yet saved any payment methods, you can refer to How To Configure My Wise-Pay Account.

Here's how to pay an invoice:

  1. Log in to Wise-Pay.
  2. Either inside the Outstanding Payments widget on the Wise-Pay Home Screen, or in the Outstanding Invoices screen accessed from the 'View all transactions in a new window' icon located in the bottom left of the Outstanding Payments widget, locate the Outstanding Invoice you wish to pay

  3. Under the Actions menu for that invoice, select Pay Invoice

  4. The Invoice Details will be displayed.
  5. If you need to update your contact details, you can do this in the My Details section and click Save.
  6. If you have saved payment methods, these will be displayed.
    Either select a saved payment method or choose a new payment method.
    • Click + Add to enter a new payment method.
    • Select either Pay with Credit Card or Pay with Bank Debit.
      The credit card surcharges will be visible when you hover over the accepted card types.
    • Enter your credit card details.
    • If AVS is required, you need to add the payment card's billing details. Click Edit billing address. Click Save Address.
    • Click Save Card.
  1. Confirm the amount you wish to pay.
  2. If the Merchant allows payments to be scheduled, you can optionally click Schedule and select a date you wish the payment to be taken on.
  3. If you want to make a real-time payment simply click Pay Now.
    Please Note: Bank Debit payments will be processed as soon as practicable, sometimes this will be the following business day.
  4. Click Pay Now.
  5. Once the payment is processed, you will have the option to download the invoice and surcharge invoice (if applicable).


A Wise-Pay Merchant can also take payment for an issued invoice on your behalf using your saved bank account or credit card. Any payments processed by your merchant are reflected in your Wise-Pay home screen.


If you have scheduled a payment for a future date, a calendar icon will now be displayed next to the Total Outstanding field in the Outstanding Payments widget on the Wise-Pay Home Screen. If you hover your mouse on it, the payment scheduling information will be displayed in a tooltip.

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