How to Schedule a Payment For an Invoice

The Schedule action on the invoices in the Outstanding Invoices pod enables you to schedule an invoice for payment through a saved bank account.

You can create a schedule to pay full or partial amount of an invoice. The scheduled invoices also appear in the Scheduled Payments pod and stay in the Outstanding Payments pod until the invoice is fully paid and the amount is settled. If you pay the partial amount, the Total Outstanding field reflects the outstanding amount after the partial payment has settled.

Note: This method allows you to pay only through bank transfer. Ensure that you have configured Wise-Pay with your bank account details. For details, see How to Configure Bank Accounts. For other invoice payment options, see How to Pay an Invoice.


The following are the steps to make payment for an outstanding financial transaction:

  1. Log in to Wise-Pay.
  2. The Outstanding Payments pod displays the invoices with outstanding payments.
  3. For the desired invoice, select Actions > Schedule.
    Wise-Pay displays the Schedule Direct Debit Request page.
  4. Verify the invoice details and the payment details in the Invoice Details section.
  5. Enter the amount to pay in the Amount to Pay You can either pay the full amount or partial amount. Wise-Pay will adjust the invoice with the outstanding payment.
  6. Click Continue to view the Review Your Payment  page.
  7. Review the payment details.
  8. Click I agree to the terms to view the Terms & Conditions
  9. Click Accept to accept the conditions.
  10. Click Submit to make the payment. Wise-Pay will display the payment processing popup to indicate that the payment is being processed. Do not refresh or close the browser during this process.
    Wise-Pay displays the Payment Successful page with transaction details. In the case of any error in payment processing, a notification is displayed indicating the error type and help information.

The invoice details in the Outstanding Payments pod are updated. A calendar icon is added next to the Total Outstanding field. If you hover the mouse on it, the payment scheduling information is displayed in a tool tip.

The payment details are reflected to the accounting package, from where it is synced to ConnectWise.

A Wise-Pay merchant can also take payment for an issued invoice on behalf of a payer, using the payer's bank account or credit cards. The payments taken by merchants are reflected in the payer's Wise-Pay accounts. A payer will not be able to pay an invoice for which the merchant has already taken a payment.

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