How to Configure Auto-Pay

The Automatic Payment feature of Wise-Pay enables Wise-Pay merchants to automatically draw amounts for invoices issued to you, the Payer. The Wise-Pay merchant selects the ConnectWise billing terms that are agreed for automatic payments and configures when the payment would be drawn. The payer adds the bank account and credit card details and configures the automatic payment mappings. Once an invoice with a billing term configured for automatic payment is synced to Wise-Pay, the transaction is scheduled for automatic payment as per the configured payment terms.

Note: You must be logged into Wise-Pay to configure your settings. Auto-pay can only be configured when your Wise-Pay Merchant has enabled and configured Automatic Payments. If you're unsure if this is the case, please contact your Wise-Pay Merchant.


As a payer, you can configure your Wise-Pay account to specify which bank account or credit card would be used as a primary account for the invoices with a billing term that has been configured for automatic payments. In other words, you can specify the mapping of a saved bank account or credit card to be used for automatic payments. This would save you from the trouble of remembering the due date for recurring invoices.


The following are the steps to specify the auto-pay settings for your payer account:

  1. Login to Wise-Pay with you payer credentials.
  2. Ensure that you have configured at least one credit card (see How To Configure Credit Cards) or bank account (see How To Configure Bank Accounts), or both, in your Wise-Pay payer account.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Auto-Pay to view the Auto-Pay tab of the Wise-Pay Settings. You can also click Settings > My Details and click the Auto-Pay tab.
    The page displays a list of companies with which you have registered as a payer.
  4. Click Add > Auto-Pay Mapping to add a new auto-payment mapping for the credit card to your Wise-Pay account or click the Edit icon to edit an existing automatic payment setting record.
    Wise-Pay displays the Automatic Payment User Settings
  5. The Primary Payment Method drop-down shows the saved credit cards and bank accounts. Select the one that you wish to use for automatic payments.
    Note: You can only select one payment method for automatic payments in a payment term, not both credit card and bank transfer.
  6. Click the I accept the terms for automatic payments check box.
    Wise-Pay displays the Terms & Conditions popup listing the terms defined by the Wise-Pay merchant for payments.
  7. Click Accept to accept the terms.
  8. Click Save to save the bank account details.
  9. You can also click Delete to delete this automatic payment setting. You cannot delete the auto-pay mapping added for your account by the merchant.

Note: After this configuration, the invoices with the configured billing terms would be paid automatically. You can use the Past Payments pod on the dashboard to check which of the invoices were paid automatically. See Introduction to the Wise-Pay Payer Dashboard for details.

Registered with multiple Wise-Pay Merchants?

If you have registered as a payer with multiple Wise-Pay merchants (indicated by multiple company records in the Companies tab), you can specify different auto-pay settings for each of the Wise-Pay merchants. In other words, you can specify the bank account or credit card to use for auto payments of invoices generated by each merchant. For example, you can configure to pay ABC Inc. using one account and XYZ Inc. using the other. You have to select the payer account for the desired merchant from the menu on the top-right corner of the Wise-Pay screen, and then configure the auto-payment mapping for the selected merchant.

You can repeat the above-stated process for the different merchant by selecting a different payer account.