When a merchant registered with Wise-Pay wishes to get payments through Wise-Pay, they would initiate the payer registration process using your email id. You will receive an invite to set a password for your Wise-Pay payer account.


 The following are the steps to register as a payer:

  1. Open the email invite and click the click here link to set a password.
  2. In the Create New Password screen, enter a password in the Password and Confirm Password
  3. Click Save to save your account password.
  4. Wise-Pay displays the General tab of the Wise-Pay Settings
  5. If needed, correct your details and click Save to save the general details.
  6. Click the Companies tab to view the list of Wise-Pay merchant companies with which you are registered as a payer. The list displays the merchant company name and your company name.
    Note: You may view different company names if you operate multiple companies but have the same email address supplied to merchants.
  7. You can now proceed to configure other essential settings for your Wise-Pay account to enable you to make payments through Wise-Pay.

Once you have successfully registered, you can login to configure your invoice. 

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