Wise-Pay Update - 17 August 2020

Wise-Pay Hotfix - 16 Sept 2020

In our last Wise-Sync release, dated 7 Sept 2020, we migrated our Xero OAuth authorization tokens to use OAuth 2.0 for our Xero integration. As a result of this change, we encountered a couple of unexpected issues in Wise-Pay for our Xero company customers.
One issue was impacting Automatic Payments which were failing due to a Xero connection error. The other issue was impacting scheduled direct debit payments, where they were remaining in a scheduled state in Wise-Pay even though they were in a paid state in Payrix.
Both issues have now been fixed, and your Wise-Pay payments should once again be syncing without issue.

Wise-Pay General Release - 17 August 2020

This release welcomes a couple of enhancements and fixes to some long-standing bugs.

Transaction Search Improvements

When searching for transactions in the Transaction Search screen without using a filter, Wise-Pay was slow in returning all records. The time taken to display search results has been improved when you are a Merchant that has many transactions. Also, when transaction results are displayed over multiple pages, they are now able to be sorted in their entirety.

Other Updates

  • Payers linked to multiple Merchant Accounts will no longer receive multiple event notifications when they are only subscribed to an event for one Merchant Account
  • When a payment is applied to the invoice in the Accounting Package, the unique payment ID is now being recorded in the database as the InvoicePaymentID for the Wise-Pay transaction that was taken
  • Payers should no longer experience any problems in receiving email notifications for events they are subscribed to

Upcoming Releases

  • Continuing development to improve the end-to-end Wise-Pay Guest Payment experience, while also allowing Payments via this flow to be made by ACH/DDR. This feature will include improvements to Payer Registration via the Guest Payment Flow.
  • Due to a Xero security requirement, we will be implementing mandatory 2FA for Australian Xero accounts, their Users, and Payers

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