Wise-Pay Release Notes 2021

February 2022

  • Adding Payment Methods
    • We have made it simpler to add payment methods and set up Automatic Payments for your customers on the Payer Admin screen when a Payer is associated with multiple Companies.
      We have moved the 'Add' button to the 'Companies' tab, this way it doesn't matter which payer record you opened on the Payer Admin screen.

January 2022

  • Automatic Payment Terms and Disclaimers
    • You now have the ability to prompt your Payer's to re-accept Automatic Payment Terms and Disclaimers.
      For those Merchants who have previously accepted the Automatic Payment Term on a payer's behalf in Wise-Pay and/or where a paper DDR Agreement has been provided, you are now able to prompt existing payers to accept the Terms digitally.
      In addition, from now, any new payers added to Wise-Pay will be required to accept the Automatic Payment Terms upon login, even if the you accepted them on the payer’s behalf when the payer record was created.

December 2021

  • New Payment Experience:
    • We have added a Guest Payment flow to the new Merchant Payment Experience where you, as the Merchant, can take a payment using a one-off credit card without needing to either first create or select a Payer.
      You can find more details in this KB.
    • ReCAPTCHA has been added to all guest flows in order to increase security. Payers won't be required to enter a code unless the system suspects they are a bot.
  • Proxies: We have removed the dependency to have a user associated with a Proxy and PayNowLink. Previously this dependency caused issues when users who are associated with a proxy are disabled. The proxy is now associated to the Primary API user that is set for an account.
    Note: If you need to disable a user who is the Primary API User, simply select an alternative user as the Primary before disabling the other user.

October 2021

  • IntegraPay rebranding: IntegraPay have officially rebranded and are now known as Payrix.
    You will now find that all references to IntegraPay inside of Wise-Pay have been updated to Payrix.
    In addition, the Payrix DDR form has been updated (for Australia only). Please use the updated form when onboarding new customers with Direct Debit. Alternatively, for customers who electronically sign up for Direct Debit, the Terms they need to accept have been updated with Payrix branding.
    Please note that there is no impact to existing customers.

    You can find both the Terms and updated AU DD form here.

  • Welcome to Wise-Pay email: The text in the Welcome to Wise-Pay email that is sent to your new customers when they are created in the Payer Admin screen has just been updated. It now includes some text on what Wise-Pay means for them.

    We hope this will help alleviate any reluctance Payers may have when completing their Wise-Pay registration
    (And yes, we are looking at updating the social / 'Connect With Us' buttons very soon!).

  • New Payment Experience: We have been making further iterative improvements to our New Payment Experience based on your feedback. We believe the kinks have now been ironed out and are very pleased to announce that you are now able to access this new payment flow in a variety of ways!
    • From within Wise-Pay when you wish to pay a single invoice on your customer's behalf.
      During this payment flow, you are also able to register new payers if needed, or simply 'checkout out as guest'.
      Refer to Taking Payments for a Single Invoice for further information.

    • From the Virtual Terminal or a Quick Link to either pay an outstanding invoice or take a prepayment for works done while in the field.
      Refer to How to Use the Virtual Terminal/Quick Link to Take Payments for further information.

    • From within Wise-Pay, you are now able to take a prepayment if you ever need to take funds up front.
      Refer to How to take a Prepayment for further information.

    • Along with these new flows comes new Terms and Conditions specifically for Merchants. No longer will you need to accept Terms targeted for your customers when taking payments and updating saved payment methods on their behalf, now you can accept Terms that are relevant to the actions you are performing.
      Refer to Terms and Conditions for further information.

June 2021

  • Enhancement Forum: A new Product Enhancement Forum has been added to our Wise-Pay Merchant Support Portal, here you can find a list of commonly requested Wise-Pay enhancements. You are able to vote and/or comment on each item, alternatively, you can request a new enhancement by clicking Submit New Topic.
    When you click Follow, whether it be for the whole Forum or just a particular item in the Forum, you will then receive any updates made so you can track progress.

    Note: If you are not yet logged into Wise-Pay, you will be prompted to log in before you are able to access the Forum.

    Every voice counts and can help shape the future of our product, so please vote away!

April 29, 2021

  • New Payment Experience: We have made some updates to the usability of our new payment portal to make it even easier for Payers to make an invoice payment.
    Payers can now access the new payment portal from Wise-Pay to pay a single invoice.
    If they have other outstanding invoices, they will now be able to click a button and be navigated back to the Outstanding Transactions screen in Wise-Pay.

    Expect to see more enhancements to the New Payment Experience made throughout the year to make it super simple for you to get paid.

January 18, 2021

  • New Payment Experience: After a successful Beta rollout, we are ready to offer our new payment experience to you all!
    This new and improved Payment process enhances the overall payer experience when making an invoice payment from a Pay Now link. In this new flow, Payers will be able to login or register to be a Wise-Pay payer.
    By doing this, they will have the option to pay their invoice via credit card or bank debit, and have an option to schedule the payment for a future date or pay in real time.

    • Single Sign-On with Microsoft: We have added yet another way of logging into Wise-Pay. If you have a Microsoft login that uses the same email address as your Wise-Pay login, you can now use your Microsoft account as a single-sign on with Wise-Pay. This way you only need to remember your MS credentials.

December 23, 2020

  • Single Sign-On with Xero: Are you tired of tracking new usernames and passwords? If you have a Xero login that uses the same email address as your Wise-Pay login, you can now use your Xero account as a single-sign on with Wise-Pay. This way you only need to remember your Xero credentials.

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