Wise-Pay: Version 1.4.0 Release Notes

Wise-Pay > Version Release Notes: v1.4.0

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Hot Fixes:

  • #WP-158: Rename ConnectWise Sell to ConnectWise Sell (17th August 2017)
  • #WP-149: Update the Source of the Terms in the Welcome Email (17th August 2017)
  • #WP-95: Payment flow loses invoice context when user presses submit before accepting terms (17th August 2017)
  • #WP-145: Payrix DDR Update Sets the Payment Date to the Date Occurred rather than resolving the Scheduled Date (14th July 2017)
  • #WP-132: Wise-Pay Notification Email Template has Wise-Sync Logo instead of Merchant Branding (14th July 2017)
  • #WP-143: Unable to deactivate merchant account when company has been disconnected (14th July 2017)
  • #WP-139: Form Load Issue when trying to add an Event Subscription to User (10th July 2017)
  • #WP-141: Production fails to deploy where EF Migrations are enabled (10th July 2017)

Release date: 7th July 2017


New Features:

  • #WP-18: The ability to send and receive notifications and emails

Issues Fixed:

  • #WP-121: Unable to add invoice from a failed batch to new one
  • #WP-119: Transaction Failures > Incorrect flow for Credit Card invalid
  • #WP-120: Function to Migrate Payers (Advanced Feature) is removing email address's when running

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