Wise-Pay Update - 17 February 2020

Wise-Pay Hotfix - 19 February 2020

There was an issue for Datto Autotask PSA customers where invoices could not be scheduled for automatic payment during invoice sync.

Wise-Pay General Release - 17 February 2020

In addition to the loaded Wise-Sync Update we've fixed a few bugs in Wise-Pay.

Improvements to Pay Now links in Wise-Pay Event Notifications

In Event Notifications, such as Overdue reminders, Pay Now links are embedded so that your customers can pay you quickly. This link used to require that person to sign in, which we found to be a constraint to those that haven't registered to use Wise-Pay or who just want to easily make a payment and get on with their day. We've made an improvement that will allow your customers to pay invoices easily, via this link, as a guest. To make this work, we've introduced a new PayNow Link type for Event Notifications.

There is configuration needed to use this feature, but we've completed the configuration for you as part of this release. There is nothing that you need to do. More notes on how to configure to come.

Navigating to Wise-Pay via ConnectWise Quicklinks

If you use Wise-Sync via a quicklink in ConnectWise, and try to navigate to Wise-Pay, you may have expierienced some difficulties in doing so. We've updated this experience to handle any errors that occur, but we won't be supporting the full Wise-Pay experience via ConnectWise quicklinks. Instead, you will be prompted to open your web browser and login to Wise-Pay that way.

Other Updates

  • We weren't handling invalid responses from Xero when their API is offline.
  • The payment date in Autotask was not being set correctly.

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