Wise-Pay Update - 21 April 2020

Wise-Pay Hotfix - 29 April 2020

We've fixed a couple of bugs we introduced with the General Release:

  • Wise-Sync's Privacy Policy was added as a configurable Merchant Account Terms and Disclaimers incorrectly.
  • Placeholders that are being used in Merchant Account Terms and Disclaimers were not rendering correctly.

Wise-Pay General Release - 21 April 2020

This is an exciting release for us! ConnectWise is teaming up with Wise-Pay as a payment provider for their new Customer Portal! Also, as per usual, we've squished a few bugs.

Integration with the new Connectwise Customer Portal

We've teamed up with ConnectWise as a payment facilitator in their new Customer Portal! From the new ConnectWise Customer Portal, your customers will be able to easily click a Pay Now with Wise-Pay from an oustanding invoice, so that a secure online payment can be made, without your customers needing to sign into Wise-Pay!

We have released this feature in anticipation of ConnectWise being able to support it at the same time, however there has been some delays with the ConnectWise releases and it will be availble soon. We'll let you know when it's ready!

But, we don't want to stop you from being prepared! You can setup Wise-Pay now so that when the functionality is available in the new ConnectWise Customer Portal, you can flip the switch really easily! Check out Wise-Pay Integration - ConnectWise Customer Portal for more information.

Still using the old ConnectWise Customer Portal?

We will still be supporting our integration to the old ConnectWise Customer Portal, now referred to as the Legacy Customer Portal for the time being.

Other Updates

  • After saving a brand new Wise-Pay Merchant Account, a 500 error was being displayed when the Overpayment Tax Code was longer than the system expected. We've resolved this issue by increasing the field length.
  • There were improvements made to our Direct Debit flow that so that areas of Wise-Pay are displaying up to date information.
  • Deleted users were still appearing in the User Access Management screen.

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