Wise-Pay: Version 1.6.4 Release Notes

Release Date - 4th April, 2019


There was a typo in the default ConnectWise Email Template "Pay Now" link that would have failed if not corrected.

Release Date - 29 March, 2019


This release introduces support for ConnectWise v2019.3. See Wise-Sync - Version Release Notes v4.6.4 for more information.

We also fixed a bug where  Direct Debit payments were not handled appropriately if the initial attempt had failed.

Release Date - 7 March, 2019

This release was dedicated to squashing a few bugs.

Autotask Pay Now button

This actually isn't a bug. This is a new feature for Autotask customers, allowing them to configure Pay Now buttons on their invoice emails and invoice templates. Read up on how they can be configured here.

Squashed Bugs

Account Merchant Configuration

  • Merchants using Autotask were not able to configure the Allow Finalise Partial Payments setting, because it was invisible. This was causing issues when processing Automatic Payments if a partial payment had been made due to the setting defaulting to No.

Payer Admin

  • Automatic Payment settings for weren't reflected correctly in the Payer List if Automatic Payments were just enabled for a payer.
  • Customers using an Alternative Merchant experienced issues where:
    • Automatic Payment Methods were displayed as UNKNOWN.
    • Automatic Payments were not using updated Payment Method details for payments that were already scheduled. This caused errors when those scheduled payments were attempted to be processed.
    • Payment Methods stored in Braintree were not being displayed in Wise-Pay when trying to edit them.
    • Payment Methods stored in Authorize.NET were being duplicated if a Payment Method was updated in Wise-Pay.

Payment Processing

Automatic Payment Retries

We identified an issue that if Wise-Pay was processing an Automatic Payment but did not getting any feedback from 3rd Party Processors about it's status (successful/unsuccessful generally due to an outage), we were incorrectly marking those payments as Paid. We've improved how we're handling these scenarios by failing the initial payment. On retry, Wise-Pay will check for results of the initial attempt and if unsuccessful results are found, Wise-Pay will then make a subsequent attempt to process.

Another issue was identified where retry attempts were being logged indefinitely if there were accounting errors during scheduling, generally at times where Xero or Quickbooks Online AOI was experiencing an outage. This would lead to the maximum number of retries being hit and customers were unable to process payments for those invoices.

Other Payment Processing Bugs

  • There was a nasty error applying a payment in Quickbooks Online.
  • A 'Invalid Request' error occurred when retrying a Batch Payment for customers using an Alternate Merchant.
  • Scheduled Payments were sometimes duplicated on screen when only one existed.
  • In some cases, the Outstanding Payment widget displayed an incorrect total.
  • The wrong currency was being set in Quickbooks Online for Batch Overpayments.
  • A nasty error occurred when attempting to process a Batch Payment for an invoice that was voided in Quickbooks Online.
  • Payments that were applied in ConnectWise with the wrong date, because they were applied using the wrong timezone.
  • When selecting Queue Automatic Payment from the Outstanding Payments widget, the account queued is always the 'All Automatic Payment Terms' payment method


  • Notifications based on Triggers (e.g. Overdue Payment, Due in x Days) would fail when trying to save the configuration.

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