When you log into your Wise-Pay payer account, Wise-Pay displays a dashboard containing invoices originating from your Wise-Pay merchant. These invoices are displayed in the following three pods or sections.

It is important to understand the invoice life cycle in Wise-Pay before you start making payments. See Introduction to Invoice Life Cycle in Wise-Pay.

The following diagram shows a sample dashboard for a payer:

Outstanding Payments

The Outstanding Payments pod displays the invoices with outstanding payments. It displays the following invoices:

  • Invoices synced from the accounting system that are not scheduled (neither manually nor through automatic payments)
  • Invoices that were scheduled for payment (Actions>Schedule or through automatic payments) but the payment failed for them
  • Invoices applied with manual payment (Actions>Pay Now) but the payment failed for them
  • Any invoice for which a partial payment has been processed but some outstanding amount remains.

A calendar icon next to the Total Outstanding amount of an invoice indicates that it has been scheduled for payment. When you hover your mouse over this icon, Wise-Pay displays the scheduling information. A round arrow indicates an automatic payment transaction.

Available fields

ReferenceA unique reference number for the payment transaction, usually invoice number.
CompanyThe payer company to whom the invoice has been issued.
AmountThe total amount of the invoice.
Total OutstandingThe total outstanding amount of the invoice.
Due DateThe due date to pay the outstanding amount.
StatusThe payment status of the invoice.

Available Actions

The following actions are available through the Actions dropdown on each invoice displayed in the Outstanding Invoice pod:

Scheduled Payments

The Scheduled Payments pod displays the invoices which have been scheduled for payment. The invoice stays in this pod until the payment is successful and the configured account is settled. An invoice can be scheduled through any of the following methods:

  • The payer selects Actions>Schedule and schedules an invoice for payment.
  • The invoice has a billing term that has been configured for automatic payments by the Wise-Pay merchant.

Available Actions

The following actions are available through the Actions drop down on each invoice displayed in the Scheduled Invoice pod:

  • Check Request: Wise-Pay checks the payment status of this invoice with the payment processor and reflects the status. The following are the possible values for this field.
  • Cancel Payment: Wise-Pay cancels the payment schedule for this invoice and pushes the invoice out of the Scheduled Payments pod.
  • Download PDF: Enables you to download a PDF copy of this invoice.

Past Payments

The Past Payments pod displays the invoices for which a payment has been successful. Each payment (either partial or full) is displayed as a separate transaction. For example, if you have paid an invoice by making two part-payments, two records would be displayed in this pod for that invoice.

A round arrow indicates that the payment for this invoices was made through automatic payments.