How to Pay an Invoice from a Pay Now link

When you receive an Invoice that contains a Pay Now button, you have a couple of different payment options once you click the Pay Now link:

  • Login: If you already have a Wise-Pay Payer account, you are able to Login and have the choice to pay the invoice via credit card or bank debit, and, depending on the Merchant's setting, you can choose whether to make the payment in real time or schedule it for a later date. If you have payment methods saved in Wise-Pay, these will be displayed to you.
    If you are having issues logging in, please refer to the Troubleshooting KB
  • Continue as Guest: If you don't yet have a Wise-Pay Payer account, you can simply Continue as guest. With this option, you are only able to pay via credit card in real-time.
  • Register: If you don't yet have a Wise-Pay Payer account, you can choose to Register during the payment process to access Bank Debit payments, and the ability to schedule a payment for a later date. Simply click 'Save Information for next time' checkbox at the bottom of the 'Payer Information' section.
    See Wise-Pay for Payers: Overview for more information on what it means to be a Wise-Pay Payer.
Login Checkout as Guest Register
  1. Click on the Pay Now button in the invoice.
  2. The Invoice Details will be displayed.
  3. Either enter the email address that is associated to your Wise-Pay payer account,
    then enter in your Wise-Pay password
  4. OR
    Click the 'Sign on with Xero' or 'Sign on with Microsoft' button to log in with SSO (Single Sign on) if you have a Xero or Microsoft login.
    If you have any issues with SSO, please refer to this article.
  5. If 2FA is enabled for the Merchant you are paying, you will also be required to enter in a 2FA code when logging in with your username and password.
    See FAQ: Two Factor Authentication for Payer Accounts for more information.
    - If you currently receive your 2FA code via email and wish to use a 2FA Authenticator App instead, first enter in the emailed code then click the 'Setup a 2FA Authenticator App' button.
    - Follow the on-screen instructions and enter in the App 2FA Code
    - Click Login
    - The next time you log in, you will need your device and the auto generated 2FA Code
  6. If you need to update your contact details, you can do this in the Payer Information section then click Save.
  7. If you have saved payment methods in Wise-Pay, these will be displayed.
    Either select a saved payment method or choose a new payment method.
    • Click + Add to enter a new payment method.
    • Select either Pay with Credit Card or Pay with Bank Debit.
      The credit card surcharges will be visible when you hover over the accepted card types.
    • Enter your credit card details.
    • If AVS is required, you need to add the payment card's billing details. Click Edit billing address. Click Save Address.
    • Click Save Card.
  1. Confirm the amount you wish to pay.
  2. If the Merchant allows payments to be scheduled, you can optionally click Schedule and select a date you wish the payment to be taken on.
  3. If you want to make a real-time payment simply click Pay Now.
    Please Note: Bank Debit payments will be processed as soon as practicable, sometimes this will be the following business day.
  4. Click Pay Now.
  5. Accept the Terms that are displayed.
  6. If a Digital Signature is required, please sign in the box and also enter your Job Position into the field above
  7. Finalise your payment by clicking Submit Payment.
  8. You now have the option to download the invoice and surcharge invoice.

Browser Compatibility: Please note that invoices are not able to be paid using Internet Explorer. Other browser types are supported, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc.

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