Wise-Pay: Version 1.5.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 23rd April, 2018

Hot Fix Release v1.5.2.2

  • WP-502 - An error occurred when attempting to make a payment using Wise-Pay via the ConnectWise portal.
  • WP-503 - Upgrade of session state provider.

Release Date: 13th April, 2018

Hot Fix Release v1.5.2.1

  • WP-479 - $0 Tax Surcharge Invoices were failing for QBO companies using Automated Sales Tax
  • WP-480 - Editing Payer Subscriptions for an Event returned an error
  • WP-481 - The error reported in WP-480 resulted in user not being able to remove a Payer Subscriber
  • WP-497 - An error occurred sending out some Scheduled Payment Event Notifications
  • WP-436 - Automatic Payment logs remained in a Scheduled state, although finalised by a DDR Update

Release Date: 6th April, 2018

Major Update - Notifications 2.0

In this release, we're simplifying the configuration of Event Notifications for Admin users. See the Wise-Pay Blog for more information.

  • WP-301 - Simplify Event Configuration
    • WP-334 - For each Event, allow Event Notifications to be configured per Account
    • WP-166 - For each Event, allow different Notifications to be configured for Merchant Admins and Payers
    • WP-168 - In the Event Configuration (Settings tab) the terminology Subscriber Type has been replaced with Applies to
    • WP-422 - A number of updates have been made to the Auto-Subscribe feature:
      • When Auto-Subscribe is enabled
        • Automatically subscribe all of the Account's current users with the selected user type (Merchant Admin/Payer) to the Event
        • Automatically subscribe any new payer created for that Account to active Payer Events
        • Automatically subscribe any new Merchant Admins for that Account to active Merchant Admin Events
      • When Auto-Subscribe is disabled
        • Prompt the user to unsubscribe the Account's users with the selected Applies to user type (Merchant Admin/Payer) from the Event. The user must unsubscribe all users to disable Auto-Subscribe
    • WP-383 - In the Event Configuration (Settings tab), the option CompanyAdmin has been removed as an Applies to option
    • WP-438 - In the Event Configuration (Notification tab), allow placeholders to be used in Notification Titles
    • WP-169 - In the Event Configuration (Notification tab), the placeholder list has been updated to contain placeholders relevant to the user configuring them
    • WP-332 - In the Event Configuration, the Preview tab has been added to allow email notifications to be previewed
    • WP-392 - Allow users to search the Event Subscribers list, to minimise the need to scroll through pages of Subscribers
    • WP-446 - Allow users to add a subscriber to the Event Subscribers list
    • WP-160 - Display Both Merchant And Super Admin Event / Subscription Settings***
    • WP-331 - Updates to the database were made to minimise errors
    • WP-292 - Load 48 hours of historical data, by default, on the Email Notifications screen

Other Updates

  • WP-309 - An improvement has been made to the Scheduled Payments feature Check Request feature to handle certain scenarios by directly communicating with accounting platform data**
  • WP-373 - Users were unable to retry "Cleared" Credit Card transactions
  • WP-397 - The event logging of the Guest Accounting Service has been improved for submitted payments
  • WP-421 - In preparation for 's Address Validation Service, address fields have been added to Save Payer and Credit Card Payment
  • WP-305 - Restrict the number of results returned when searching all Payers in Payer Admin

Issues Fixed

  • WP-61 - A Payer's Transaction Details were not visible after removing them from Automatic Payment Terms
  • WP-85 - Transaction Logs and Records are now linked by Unique Identifier instead of Company Name
  • WP-90 - Users were incorrectly redirected to the Wise-Sync Edit Company page when saving updates to Wise-Pay Branding
  • WP-161 - A Sequence contains more than one element error occurred when creating an Event
  • WP-219 - Deleting Automatic Payment Terms mapping also removed the Automatic Payment Transaction Logs
  • WP-227 - Notification for Scheduled Payment Created Event showed payment status of Paid
  • WP-267 - Pagination (Paging Links and Pager Totals) was broken on the Payer Admin screen
  • WP-277 - Invalid AJAX handling has been corrected in the Automatic Payment Transaction History screen
  • WP-278 - The Reset & Re-Queue response message in the Automatic Payment Transaction History screen was misleading
  • WP-323 - When trying to add a Subscription for a Payer, an Object Reference error was displayed without indication of what went wrong
  • WP-324 - In Event Notifications (Settings tab), duplicate accounts were displayed in the Subscriber drop down
  • WP-325 - Payer Notification subscriptions were visible for other merchant accounts
  • WP-326 - The Payer List was not refreshed if Automatic Payments was enabled
  • WP-329 - A disclaimer is displayed and user's details captured when accepting a Term/Discalimer that requires a signature
  • WP-335 - Automatic Payment Terms were not limited to Merchant Account
  • WP-338 - The Date Paid for Automatic Payments was recorded in UTC timezone rather than the user's Accounting Platform's timezone
  • WP-339 - Batches with a processing error can result in an invalid, unapplied amount
  • WP-344 - Delete Payer permanently removes the payer rather than de-activating them
  • WP-347 - An error was displayed when Single Company was enabled
  • WP-348 - Scheduled Payments were cancelled by job after User or System cancels it
  • WP-349 - Draft Approval Settings did not allow a Automatic Payment of Draft Invoices to be scheduled
  • WP-350 - Scheduled transactions processed while a sync is running incorrectly displayed an error
  • WP-352 - The Reallocate feature was incorrectly creating a new transaction log entry for a newly allocated invoice rather than updating the existing entry
  • WP-389 - Firefox Browser Compatibility Issue > Scheduled debit failed with a The field RequestDate must be a date error when scheduling a subsequent payment for an already scheduled invoice
  • WP-390 - A Form error stopped users from adding Payers
  • WP-391 - An Object reference error occurred when creating a new event
  • WP-424 - An error occurred when trying to access the Virtual Terminal to make a payment 
  • WP-434 - An error occurred when searching proposals
  • WP-439 - The Event Subscribers list loaded incorrectly, resulting in the need to refresh the screen
  • WP-442 - A blank page was displayed after entering payment information in the Virtual Terminal
  • WP-445 - Refresh the Event Subscribers list after a change is made
  • WP-448 - The Event Configuration pre-configured default settings included Invalid Placeholders
  • WP-449 - DDR update does not show payment applied, when processed via Guest Payment Flow
  • WP-450 - An error occurred when viewing Event Notifications screen as Merchant Admin
  • WP-452 - Capture Signature Blocks Payment where signature capture was previously enabled.
  • WP-456 - The Batch Payment Processed Successfully Event incorrectly triggered twice

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