How to access Wise-Pay

Use Wise-Pay to pay invoices issued by your service provider (the Wise-Pay Merchant).

Invoices can be paid instantly as a guest or you can register as a Payer, so that you can view and pay invoices issued to you, manage the methods you use to make payments and more.

Register as a Wise-Pay Payer Pay Now links Checkout as Guest
There are two ways you can register as a Wise-Pay Payer:
  • Your Wise-Pay Merchant (i.e. the company/ies that issue your invoices) can send you an email invite.
    If you haven't received an invite from your Wise-Pay Merchant/s, please contact them or click here  to submit a ticket for the Wise-Pay team to help you.
    From the invite, use these steps to register:
    1. From the Welcome to Wise-Pay! email, follow the click here link to set a password.
    2. In the Create New Password screen, enter and confirm your password. Click Save.
    3. Confirm/Update your contact details 
    4. Accept the Terms and Conditions. 
    5. Click Register.
  • You can also self-register while you are paying an invoice via a Pay Now link in an Invoice.
    • Refer to Wise-Pay for Payers: Overview for more information on what it means to be a Wise-Pay Payer.
    • Alternatively, refer to the Register tab on how to self-register for a free Wise-Pay Payer account.

Getting Started with Wise-Pay 

Check out Getting Started with Wise-Pay and Manage my Wise-Pay Account to start managing your payments.

If you require assistance with your payment, contact your Wise-Pay merchant or click here to submit a ticket for the Wise-Pay team to help you.

Register as a Wise-Pay Payer

Have greater control of your payments and the methods used to make them, for example, updating your credit card before it expires! Register as a Wise-Pay Payer by invitation from the company that issues your invoices (the Wise-Pay Merchant). Check out Register as a Wise-Pay Payer for more information.

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