Wise-Pay: Version 1.6.9 Release Notes

Release Date - 8th October 2019

Wise-Pay v1.6.9

This release adds context to Event Notifications emailed from Wise-Pay, improving the communication between Merchants and their Payers.

Email Notification's Sender and Reply To Details

Configure Event Notifications

Merchant Administrators are able to configure content of Event Notifications. Check out Configure Wise-Pay Event Notifications for more information.

Sender email address

We've introduced notify@wise-pay.com as the sender email address for event notifications sent via email. Historically, these emails have been sent from noreply@wise-sync.com which provides no context to the recipient, specifically payers, who may not know who Wise-Sync are, increasing the risk of notifications being ignored.

This is set by default for new Merchants. Notifications sent from existing Merchants will still be sent from noreply@wise-sync.com; Merchant Administrators are able to update the sender email address via the Event Notification configuration.

Sender company

Along with the update in sender email address, we're allowing Merchants to include their Company Name as the sender. When configuring Event Notifications, enable Include your company name in the from email display name. The sender details will appear in emails as Wise-Pay on behalf of CompanyName .

Reply To name and email address

Allow replies of sent email notifications to be delivered to a specific name and email address. When enabled, define the Reply to display name and Reply to email address. When configuring Event Notifications, enable Include reply-to email and define the Reply To Name and Email Address. For email notifications that have just been enabled, the name will default to the Enquiries Contact Name and Email Address defined in the Branding configuration for your Merchant. If an Enquiries Contact Name and Email Address isn't defined, it will default to the Billing Contact Name we have listed for the Merchant's account subscription. The fields can be edited to suit your needs.

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