Wise-Pay: Version 1.6.1 Release Notes

Release Date - 22nd October 2018


  • We needed to optimize the API calls we were making in the Automatic Payment Scheduling flow. This flow was the main contributor to Wise-Pay occasionally hitting Xero's API daily call limit, resulting in a sad and unavailable Xero API.
  • If processing a queued Automatic Payment when the Xero API is unavailable, we'll place the processing of that payment on hold and display a message to say that Wise-Pay is waiting on Xero API to become available.

Release Date - 28th September 2018


  • Processing a payment in Authorize.Net caused a nasty error if the payer did not have a payment method saved.
  • Processing a payment in Authorize.Net caused a nasty error if the payer had a bank account saved.

Release Date - 28th September 2018

Wise-Sync for Autotask MVP now supports Xero customers in Australia and New Zealand

We've built on our Wise-Sync for Autotask MVP! The MVP now supports the automation of invoices creation and the triggering of Wise-Pay Automatic Payments in Xero.

Read Wise-Sync - Version Release Notes v4.6.1 for more information.

Other Updates

  • There were issues reported by customers that required an application refresh. The following bugs have been squashed to mitigate the need for an application refresh in the future:
    • The Wise-Pay Invoice Cache was not being refreshed at the completion of sync in Wise-Sync.
    • Automatic Payments were not being removed from the Automatic Payments widget when they are processed.
    • Automatic Payments were not being removed from the Scheduled Payments widget when they were paid.
    • Changes to the Payer Admin list were not reflected on adding/updating payers.
  • Viewing an Invoice in the Guest Flow incorrectly displayed the label Surcharge Amount instead of Online Processing Fee.
  • The Total and Overdue amounts in the Outstanding Payments widget were reversed.
  • Searching by Payer in the Wise-Pay Dashboard widgets and the Invoice Batch screen did not work.
  • The Date filter did not cast the date correctly in the Scheduled Payments widget, causing some invoices not to filter by the date selected.
  • Scheduled Credit Card transactions for payers marked Inactive in Payrix were incorrectly flagged as Payment Taken, even though payment could not be processed, displaying the message This function can only be used on active payers.
  • The Customer List Autocomplete did not load when adding a Payer or in the Batch Pay Now screen.
  • Subsequent Payers added to a company can't see company's Past Payments and Scheduled Payments history.

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