Wise-Pay: Version 1.5.4 Release Notes

Release Date 25th July, 2018


  • The credit card type was showing unknown if a payer had multiple profiles (Authorize.NET).
  • Display the first credit card when payers have multiple stored in their payment gateway (Authorize.NET)

Release Date 24th July, 2018


  • The loading of the Payer List (Payer Admin screen) was being interrupted by unexpected payer data, causing the list to be cleared.
  • An XML error appeared intermittently when using the link embedded in ConnectWise Invoice Emails to pay the invoice.
  • Further improvements were required to satisfy the routine SecurityMetrics PCI Compliance scan.

Release Date 12th July, 2018


  • An improvement was required to satisfy the routine SecurityMetrics PCI Compliance scan.
  • Style updates introduced in v1.5.1 affected grids displayed throughout Wise-Pay.

Release Date 30th June, 2018


  • Support for ConnectWise v2018.5
  • We've improved the functionality of the refresh buttons in Home Page Widgets (Outstanding Invoices, Automatic and Scheduled Payments and Past Payments)
  • A couple of bugs that have been squished
    • Searching payers by full Company Name didn't return any results
    • Searching payers using Advanced Search didn't return any results

Release Date 27th June, 2018


  • Notifications were sent without attachments.
    • This included subscription billing emails sent over the last few days, where June's subscription invoice was not attached. If this affected you, apologies! Please log into Wise-Sync to download this month's invoice. We promise next month's invoice will be attached!

Release Date 26th June, 2018


  • An error that occurred internally to Wise-Sync was fixed. No customer facing issues included in this release.

Release Date - 19th June, 2018

Feature - Queue Outstanding Invoices for Automatic Payments

Merchants will be able to queue invoices from Outstanding Invoices for Automatic Payment on behalf of payers. The plan is to make this feature available to payers in future.

Simply select the invoice to Queue

Then select the Billing Term

...and the payment will be Queued

Other Updates

  • An Unhandled Error occurred when editing a User's role permissions
  • The Accounting Platform Disconnected Event emitted 'Xero' as the Platform Type
  • Introduction of email bounce handling via Amazon SES API.
  • Enrol a device for Two Factor Authentication (2FA) using a manual code
  • Users were able to disable 2FA for their user profile if the account setting made 2FA mandatory
  • Apply style to the interface of the 2FA setup
  • Provide better visibility to admins of users enrolled in 2FA
  • Wise-Pay 2FA login redirected users to the wrong screen

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