Wise-Pay for Payers: Overview.

Wise-Pay for Payers allows you to have a free account that enables you to have a secure management portal to manage your Credit Card, Bank Account, Invoices and Payments in a secure way.

Using Wise-Pay you have the ability to:

  • Save Credit Card and Bank Account Details
  • Make Payments via a Credit Card or Bank Account
  • Add / Change payment methods
  • View Past Payments - processed through Wise-Pay
  • Schedule / Cancel future dated payments
  • Download Invoice (PDF)
  • Setup Auto Payments

Wise-Pay Dashboard

Your Wise-Pay Dashboard consists of:

  • Outstanding Payments - this will display a list of Outstanding Invoices
  • Scheduled Payments - this will display any Invoices that have been scheduled for payment
  • Past Payments - this will display all past payments made via Wise-Pay


Your Settings Tab will provide you with access to:

  • My Details
  • Saved Credit Cards
  • Saved Bank Accounts
  • Auto-Pay
  • Notifications

Pay Now

Pay Now Tab will provide you with access to:

  • Make a Single Invoice Payment
  • Make a Batch Invoice Payment

Schedule Payments

Schedule Payments Tab provides you with the ability to:

  • Search for specific amounts
  • Search dates

Transaction Search

Transaction Search Tab provides you with the ability to:

  • Search by Invoice Numbers
  • Search by Amounts
  • Search by Transaction ID
  • Search by Transaction Status: Paid | Scheduled | Cancelled | Fixed | Payment Errors | Processing Errors | Part Paid | Deleted | Error | Overpayment
  • Search by Date Reference
  • Search by Direct Debit Payment
  • Search by Batch Payment